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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello blog world!

If anyone reads this I have a secret....this is my first blog...and post! I'm still trying to figure out how this works but until I do I will just play around with it so my blog could look different everyday! I never know! lol But let me tell you who I am! I'm sure you're wondering....lol Well my names Ashley and I'm in 10th grade and I go to a cyber school, which I have to say is quite nice and I love music. I love rock music anything from the Beatles to Nirvana to Guns n' Roses to Florence and the Machine! I love it all, yet I'm still prone to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady GaGa. So I kinda love everything. I also love expirimenting with make-up and just having fun with it, thats what counts as far as I'm concerned. And for how cheap I can get it! Yes I'm a closet couponer! I'm such a nerd lol but I get beauty products for almost free so I can't just stop! I can't remember the last time I paid full price for any make-up. Oh yeah, last week that $17 dollar lip balm from Bobbie Brown but hey, I had a free shipping code and it came with samples so it's justified, right? lol And I coupon on other stuff so I can buy that kinda stuff and not feel bad haha (I'm saving for a car but I love to shop so I make a game of it with coupons, It's a fun game that fills that little void in my heart that only a shopping bag full of cosmetics can fill) but you understand right? lol Oh yeah, I'm trying to lose A LOT of weight (i can't stand it anymore...) so I'm doing somthing I've always wanted to do...go vegetarian! Now I'm not gonna be one of the stuck up ones that "are better than you" I just want to get healthy and show my love for animals and weightloss is a good enough incentive to go all the way with it. Yes, I also exercise too but it's not enough for me anyways so go veggies! I also figured a blog would keep me motivated to stick with it now that if I get any followers they can hold me to it. I can't wait to have before and after pictures!!!!! Kay I know this was too long but have a nice day everyone! :-)

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