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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exteme Couponing...What You Don't See...Is What Matters...

When you tune into TLC for your weekly dose of "reality" television, on Wednesday nights you might be watching extreme couponing. (I know I am!) As much as I like to watch extreme couponing (when I remember) I like to bitch about it about the same amount. I started couponing about two months before this untameable frenzy began (so I seem like another casualty, because I'm young, and you know young people get all their ideas from TV right? haha) But I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of things, I know all my stores coupons policies, I know the cycles fairly well, and I have a nice little stock pile built up. But another thing I've noticed is I've also set up (to what seems like to most people) rediculous standards. I won't pay more than 50 cents for: Shampoo, Conditioner, toothpaste (If I don't get "paid" to take it, between store coupons, rewards, and manufaturers coupons.) Now I don't want to say I won't because if I had to, I would, but as long as I don't have to, you're damn sure I won't! And I won't pay for (theirs that won't again...) random things like nail clippers, ememry boards, nail polish, and as you've probably learnt already, I barely pay for make-up (that's what started my coupon craziness lol). But I do tend to pay more for face wash (about $1.50-$2.00 oh no, right? haha) Anyway back to my TV show explanation.
What you don't see:
-The price of the coupons (between couponing services and papers, it will add up, although they do pay for themselves)
- The breaking/hurt relationships (One woman and her husband fight constantly about space and he said they don't need more "crap" and she said why not?)
-No space/space invasion (Yes, you see this but when you're buying wayyyy faster than using, you will naturally have less and less room, do there kids like having paper towels ect stacked in their closets, under their beds?)
-The disgust ("Normal" couponers always have mean things to say if you buy in major quantities, I only have nasty words if you're a shelf clearer and proud of it (or it's one of the 7 days of the week haha)
--------------That rants done....
 BUT I do agree with all of the extreme couponers on one subject, EVERYONE SHOULD COUPON! If done properly you can save A LOT of money and maybe live a better, less stressful life (worrying about money that is) I used to be sooooo worried, I wasn't saving money, then I started useing coupons and I'm getting what I need and then some! And I'm saving money like you wouldn't believe! And I honestly think if I were to move out tommorrow, I would have the means and skills to take care of myself and then some, no matter what kind of job I could get (as long as rent isn't rediculous! as theirs no coupons for that) So there is a very good side to couponing (if done correctly)
- The money saved! (enough said!)
-The fact you can live off a stockpile
-You get to buy and try the newest, best products (Thats what the new adds say right?! :) I love trying new things
-------Their is well...I don't want to say bad side but...I guess it depends if your glass is half full or empty.
-There is NOT a coupon for everything! If you eat meat, I've yet to see a coupon for it. Fruits and veggies? Well their is occasional coupons for them but all online or instore (very rare) Tofu? YES! lol I just had to add that because, I think it was the redplum,maybe it was smartsource...hmmmm...anyway it was in last sundays paper but they had tofu coupons in them. (YAY!)
Well...thats about it on the potentially negative, but I'm happy about any savings!

I have to wine like everyone else about how the "extreme" couponers are ruining it for the rest of us. The limits on coupon usage (4 in one transaction normally). The bitchiness we all get, but what pisses me off is...the companies who put out coupons, don't HAVE to so if they only want 4 used in one transaction, then just use 4! If they want it used on this size of somthing, or this item, that's what you use said coupon for. But what makes me upset is the people who do abide by the 4 in one transaction rule make 30 some transactions!? With 4 in each! I mean come on now, I understand MAYBE doing 2 transactions but 20-30 some? Seriously? I mean, it's just a matter of time before that rule gets changed too. Coupon values have also dropped BUT I won't bitch about that because it's the companies choice what to put on each one and if they are being taken advantage of, I wouldn't put out high value coupons either. But great coupons still do come out though :)

To end this extremely longgggg post I will leave you with the hands down BEST couponing website I've ever seen, I give this website to anyone who asks (or doesn't lol). I highly respect the woman who runs this blog (her name is Collin) she has taught me just about everything I know about coupons and couponing "morals" you could say (don't shelf clear, use coupons correctly, know and abide by the store policies ect.) Drumroll please! ........... this GREAT site is called hip2save I've followed he site long enough to know she posts the drugstore deals every saturday afternoon or evening, she posts probably 30 different posts a day (online deals, coupons, freebies ect) a target deal post sunday evening and a wal-mart one I think Monday. So PLEASE check out her site, it is hands down the best! It will change your finacial life!

Okay, enough that was long, but make sure you check. that. site. out. NOW! :)
Much Peace and Love,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Corey Taylor's Seven Deadly Sins Book Review

This is my first book review on my blog! (better yet it's the first book I've finished in a while) I get bored with most books and hop between chapters and this and that...I think the last book I finished was Steven Adlers Apettite for sex, drugs, and guns n' roses...and that was over the summer! (whoops) So anyways Happy Halloween!!! It's my favorite holiday by far, theres just such a warm feeling I get for fall and halloween, well it's a little depressing it's about 30 mins from being over! BUT back to the review:
 The books full title is The Seven Deadly Sins, Setteling the argue between born bad and damnaged goods (I might be a word or two off, my brothers girlfriend borrowed it, so I'm not looking at it right now.) Long story short I loved the book! I honestly wished it was longer...I realized we have a lot of the same views, but he can explain them a lot better than I could, but I agreed with just about everything he said. What did he say? Well, basically how the seven deadly sins are just, well out dated and in my opinion, it's very true. He broke each one down and explained how the "sin" is not deadly, character flaw? Maybe, but deadly? No. He also explained how there is really no reason to sweat the small stuff no you're not going to hell for not folding the clothes before they wrinkle, ya damn sloth! And like all autobiographies he mixed life stories in with explaining the sins and how he knows them well. I had no clue about his childhood until I read this book, and I have to say...it was the most disturbing part of the book, I had no idea he was abused, neglected, and even sexually assulted. BUT how he says he wouldn't be where he is today if he didn't grow from all of that is truely inspiring, how he excepts everything and copes with everything makes him seem (to me) admirable. I really liked this book and give it...probably a...get your ass to the store and buy it! rating :) So probably 4.5 to 5 (on a 5 point scale!)

Alright loves, get reading, and rocking, with much peace and love,
 Ashley (do I make any sense?) :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Rite Aid Covergirl Deal and a Secret CD...

Well, I had a rather GREAT trip to rite aid on Tuesday, I believe and Im'a tell you about it. :) I had 4 $8/2 coupons from covergirl. For face products so I ended up with 6 blushes and 2 concealers and 1 lip gloss. Here's the lowdown with their buy 1 get 1 50% off sale I had a hard time reaching $30 (before coupons) to get my $10 up reward so I ended up buying a lipgloss for about $5.50 for an extra (I did NOT use the face coupon for that, that would be coupon fraud and I don't like to screw companies over who are trying to help people get what they want/need for cheaper than retail) And I bought a Pert shampoo (glam huh?) haha because it was on sale for $3 and you get a $2 up reward back and I had a $1 off coupon to make it technically free! So after coupons and using a $2 up reward I paid $1.18 for ALL of that! And got $12 up rewards back!!! So I'm rolling that with deals starting tommorow that I will let you know about when I get to it lol BUT if you want to take advantage of the deals GO TO http://www.hip2save.com/  go ahead, leave my site and go their NOW PLEASE it's amazing, I promise. No spam no nothing just good deals to be had :) Anywho with my purchases of covergirl products got me 9 codes to redeem for Taylor Swift Merch. From past deals I got a guitar pick set and a braclet, but with this deal I got 90 points! and that goes far with this program, so I paid $1.18 and got: 1 Taylor Swift T-shirt, 1 Taylor Swift Poster, a Taylor Swift Keychain, a VERY cute guitar journal (and I keep journals with lyrics/my thoughts in them so SWEET!) and another Taylor Swift braclet to give to my moms co-workers daughter :) So I got all that stuff on top of the make-up and the up rewards back! And even though I am an avid rock fan, I own every Taylor Swift CD ever made :P lol I seriously do, the special versions, the platinum version (I can hear you laughing so STOP! lol) Now I can't lie that well, yes the special versions and the platinum editions I got at yardsales BUT I liked her before she was a superstar and got all the originals at walmart, full price O_o hahahahaha but I think she's awesome, and love that she does give her fans their moneys worth :)  Do you want to know what CD is the BEST KEPT SECRET AT WAL-MART??? Somewhere in the Stratosphere By Shinedown Their is NOTHING I love more than good rock songs turned into even better acoutic songs and live! Can you say this CD has it all!? I sure as hell can! It's awesome, I can listen to the whole CD on repeat for a whole damn day I swear! And it comes with a DVD of the show! SA-WEET (did I just type that?) yes I did, I love shinedown, I personally think they are one of the best, if not the best newer/ish rock band their is, they are just an awesome rockband. Thats all I can say, except well, BUY IT!!!

 Ah, well much Peace and Love,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm A Happy Camper :)

Well, I'm sitting in my cosy new room (the basement) and I've turned it into quite the awesome room! But anyway I'm sitting here listening to one of my fave bands, Saosin (Check them out!!) and ever since my computer crashed I had to fill my ipod back up but for the life of me I could not find my Stabbing Westward CD, which made me a rather sad person :( Well guess what! I FOUND IT! I'm putting it on my ipod right now (It's called Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel) I'm soooooo happy! I can't wait to listen to it!!!!! It's seriously one of my fave CD's you must check it out, I just, omfg I LOVE it. But the downer is, is it's Sunday night and its the beginning of yet ANOTHER busy week.. and I still have math homework to do :(...but at least Thursday is my birthday :D Sweet 16 baby! and I don't have classes on that day! But I have a Dr's appt. Great. haha And tommorrow I'm going to rite aid to score a sweet money maker on Covergirl cosmetics (after classes) , with those lovely $8 of 2 FACE products and they just so happen to have it on sale (buy one get on 50% off) and spend $30 get $10 up rewards (before coupons) , so after coupons it'll be a STEAL! And theirs some other deals on stuff I need, like on mouthwash or something (It's stupid and I forget lol) Have to check my list. Now all I can hope is the shelves are not cleared :(  And on my bday I'm going Sephoria shopping (Uh-Oh) and mall shopping with some sweet coupons from Bath and Body works and such. And Duff Mckagans (from guns n' roses) new book is coming out this week and I have a coupon for that! (15% off) And I'll be scoring all the bday freebies I can :) Seporia ALWAYS has awesome bday gifts for being a beauty club member (or whatever it is on their website) and it's FREE to join! It's a win, win! So this will be a fabulous week for retail theropy (and on the cheap!!!!) :)

 Well, as always, Much peace and love,

P.s haha on a side note while typing the tag label things I just had to laugh, Sephoria + Duff Mckagan + Covergirl + Stabbing Westward. Only me :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Axl Rose Has Found A Way To Make Me Sad (Never thought I'd say that) :(

I never thought I'd say this but DAMN do I feel like a teenager. I searched Axl Rose on google and searched under the "news" catagory and my heart, I swear was gonna beat right out of my chest when I read "Guns N' Roses First US Tour In 5 Years!" I was soooooooooo happy to say the least, since all of my concert plans for the summer fell through (but the reasons where understandable, long stories too) but anyway I'm still a concert virgin and since I missed Motley and the Foo Fighters I thought damn I can kick shit off right! WRONG. This US tour is only like 13 citys and PA is not included :( The closest city they will be in is New Jersey and if I can't get a ride to Pittsburg their is no way in hell I'll get to NJ. Not even to see Axl. But as much as I hate it, I understand he's older, and doesn't even NEED to tour anymore, since GNR is ummm...infamous to say the least. ;) BUT on a side note I'm sooooooooooooooooooo tired (see how many O's ????) of hearing people piss and moan about the original GNR. Don't you get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff Mckagan, and Steven Adler rockin stadiums again but I mean Axl says it won't happen and what he wants tends to be what he gets. But I do kind of agree with the masses in saying he shouldn't call the new band Guns N' Roses since he's the only original member left, and I'm not saying the new band members are not talented because they damn sure are! But anyway I mean if we are going by numbers Duff Mckagan and Slash just should have called Velvet Revolver GNR because well 2 out of 5 originals are their... but I really don't care what they call anything, as long as they are still rockin! But seriously I can't believe how sad I am over Axl not coming to PA :( it's sooo stupid but I mean (and you guys know) I love me some GNR!
 Is Axl Rose (and GNR) coming to your city!? Why do I keep separating Axl and GNR? How many stupid questions will I ask you? Is this sounding like a soap opera yet....? :)

Well Good Nite, much peace and love (oh yeah and I'm shamelessly gonna bring the west memphis 3 into this again CONGRATS!!!) (Can you see how freakishly I was into this case?) WHEN WILL I STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!? :) hehehehe okay goodnite.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Three Are FREE!

What do you think??? Better yet do you know what I'm talking about?!?! But this VERY happy post (for me at least) The West Memphis Three have probably been free for a week now (sorry I'm late) but I knew since it happened but I've felt pretty crappy lately so I didn't get on to post. Anyway back to them. Three teens about 18 years ago (Damien Echols was 18, Jason Baldwin, 16 and Jessie Misskelly Jr. was 17) got screwed by the justice system because they were basically hell raisers and rockers. I'm going to be 16 on October 6th so hearing their story actually scares me because in my head it was kinda like I could be them. I'm a publically giant rocker, everyone who knows me also knows my infamous Nirvana t-shirt ;) (I've literally worn that poor thing out!) But I think I look great in it (holes and all) and at school (before I left for online school) a teacher actually told me that shirt was just "so me". That makes me a little too happy haha ;) hehehehe but anyway these boys/men/teens (you know what stage they were in lol) got finger pointed at them and shoved down their throats. They've been raped by the system as far as I'm concerned. But theirs more tragedy yet to be heard, three little 8 year old boys were murdered in such a terrible manor that they blamed it on like a satanic cult ritual thing you could say...but heres the kicker...their was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING at the crime scene that pointed to them, no DNA no nothing. In fact the DNA supposedly points to someone else, I've heard it's one of the poor kiddos step fathers but trust me I'm not sure so don't hold me to anything, because he may be innocent too, you know what I like to say? Innocent until framed, well or guilty until framed... Oh and thats not all. I don't think that the state will admit to their mistakes because I guess (I've just read this somewhere...I don't remember where) but they set up some situation where these three men can not sue the state for all those wasted years behind bars, so in my opinion thats just like kicking dirt in their faces. They maybe alright with it (damn, they just wanted freedom) but what really pisses me off (that I just learnt today) was that Damien has a son, whos about my age and think of all the lost time with out his dad that he got screwed out of and Damien as well, he didn't get to watch his son grow up, I just think this whole case is a tragedy. BUT I'm just soooooooooo happy that these men got out of prison and are now FREE!!!!!!! So congrats DAHlings! (yes I call everyone that)

I'm gonna end this post with some lyrics to think about....  "War Is Peace and Freedom is the Police State" I was listening to this song sang by Anti-Flag (It's called welcome to 1984) and I didn't realize just how true it is... Alright well can I get your input on this long and potentially contoversal post? How about the lyrics? How about the case? Is what the state doing fair? Gahhhhh I'm sooooo happy for them! But on a sadder note I really hope that those three little boys can get some justice...

Much Peace and LOVE,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's been a while...

since I've been on here :'( Sorry for the lack of postage but like everyone else my school's started up again and I need to get to work! Anywho I'm also really sick :( I have broncitus (sp?) and an ear infection and a blown out ear drum. I swear I just woke up with this overnight! Let me tell you, it really blows. But anyway I'm moving to the basement of my house (and I'll HAVE to show you my new vanity!!!!!!!!!!!!) I got it at a yardsale for $2.50 and all it needed was some tlc :) I painted it black and my uncle reupolstered the chair for me (it's brown fabric with big cute polka dots on it!) So after the paint and fabric I spent about $25 on it. Not too shabby at all! (And it was saved from a landfil!) I will have pics up eventually (Having major problems, blogger tells me the pics are too big? Grrrrrrrrr I don't know how to fix it yet but I will! haha) I went to a fun sweet 16 party like 2 weeks ago and had A LOT of fun! I go to cyber school so it was cool seeing all my old friends :) But I have more crappy news :( I'm gonna really get my exercise on because I've been slacking off big time and I know I gained weight back :( So and now I have gym class so that will help because I log everything and I've just been quite depressed lately (Long story). And I've been a cheating veggie :( So I need to work on that, and I've just notice these past couple weeks I've just been hungry all the time :( I'm a very emotional eater. So that doesn't help much. And just thinking how I'm still behind in school (I went through a longgggg bout of depression and fell very behind all last year...I'm almost done with last year and then I'll start this years classes (yippie...) I've just grown to hate school :( It's a shame I used to kinda like/love it but now I have a hate/love relationship with it. But I think the virtual classes I have for 10th grade really help me kinda get my love for learning back...if thats how I want to word it haha. I have math class at 12 and french at 1. I like cyber school, don't get me wrong but I'm getting REALLY pissed about all my technical dificulties. So far my sound hasn't worked, it wouldn't let me log in AND one of the websites won't let me load a document I had to submit for french class for a free 10 points (that I will more than likely need) so I got screwed out of that pretty well. And you know the worst part? I've probably only had 5 classes this year! Or is it 4? Yeah tommorow it will make 5, and I've already had all these probs!? I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that parts not too bad but I should have chosen Tuesdays and Thursdays, I mean what idiot wants classes on fridays??? Haha oh boy well as I said I'm sick and feel like hell so I'm gonna get a shower and crawl in bed. :) Goodnight.

Much Peace and Love,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ummmm...can I get some help?

Well I have a problem that everyone has had at least once in their life (if not more). It's very un-glam to be asking you guys this but...how do I get rid of pimples!?!? I get the most painful, huge, gross pimples on my chin (and between my lips and chin, ya know that bend kind of?) and then they leave NASTY marks. I know your not supposed to pop pimples (ugh I feel sooo gross typing this...) but I do anyway because they never go away! :( I wash my face regularly (with biore ice cleanser and sometimes use clean and clear moisterizer) And how do you get rid of the marks? Whats your fave products? What's your facial care reutine? Can you help me anyway? lol I will take ANY suggestions! Thanks!

Much peace and love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Starfish Project!

HEY! YOU! yes you! go check out the starfish project as soon as you possibly can! They have super pretty and unique jewelery with a unique story behind it. I don't think these guys get enough press but it is such a good organization that I just think you need to know about it. The people at the starfish project set this up to help abused and extorted women in Asia get out of that life style and provide for them while they get the proper education they need for the careers they desire so they don't fall back into it. They also provide theropy and anything else these women need. I think it's a great thing these people are doing to rehabilitate people who get pushed into the sex/people traficing industry. These people are there to show these women that somebody cares and this is how you can show them you care. So do me a huge favor and at least browse through it because something will catch your eyes! I currently have my eyes set on a nice pair of earrings in the clearence section...lookie here :)

Alrighty dears! Much peace and love,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have a confession to make...

Although I call myself a hippie...I must say... in my music tastes I am not. Well yeah I listen to The Beatles and The Doors but I mean who doesn't? But with my habits, I guess you could say, I could be considered a hippie. I'm a peace freak, equality nut, animal activist, and I try to be a green guru (it's a work in process, my mom makes fun of me all the time lol she says "you just prefur to use that because it's organic or green or whatever" I love her but sometimes ignorance is a pain in the ass, it's not always "bliss" ;) BUT back to music tastes, which I will admit are kind of strange and I'll be honest... I don't fit in with the hippies (and or stoners...drugs are a no go for me! I can't stand people who call themselves hippies because they smoke pot and buy a peace sign shirt from an odd smelling store... hahaha) and I definatly don't fit in with the goth kids, the emo kids, or the metal heads...I don't have the look and don't really want it...or need it. I don't really feel the need to fit in which I'm thankful for, I mean who doesn't want to fit in, sure I'd LOVE to find like minded people but I don't need a check list for "who I'm supposed to be" to hang out with this person or that crowd... I mean it shouldn't matter if I look like hot topic just ate me and spit me out into the picture perfect emo kid, with the black jeans and the invador zim hoodie and a pickachu back pack. Now not to knock anyone or degrade anyone I mean personally I kind of like the emo goth kid style but I couldn't pull it off myself and I just don't care too, but then again I guess I can't describe myself as fashion crazed either...in all honesty if I like it and it fits I wear it...I don't need 50 different peices of jewelry and this and that to "make an outfit." Fashion wise I guess you could call me a grunger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grunge music. Kurt Cobain is one of my, if not my top idol (for like years now...) and I adore Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam is probably my fave band of all time. He's probably half the reason I decided to become vegetarian, and a green nut ect. But I also LOVE 80's hair metal bands as in Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue. But I must say I'd have to pick GNR over motley, I am probably one of Izzy Stradlin's biggest fans! He just seems like such an AWESOME guy and very down to earth too, and of course I think Axl Rose is also amazing :) I like the rest of the band but those two just happen to be my faves. My fave from Motley is their guitarist Mick Mars. I think he's one of the most underrated guitarists of all time! And he seems super down to earth. But anyway onto my more CURRENT music obsessions/ new discoveries is...
 -The Murderdolls- Joey Jordisons side project from Slipknot with Wednesday13 and a few other people (it changes quite often...nothings set in stone I think) but anyway the lyrics on the newer album Women and Children Last and Revenge was the Main Course are little gorey but it's kind or jokey at the same time...I mean it's really not to be taken seriously but the guitar solos are AWESOME! They are hands down my faveorite part of the album. Which leads me to the next music obsession...
 -Acey Slade- He was in the origional line up of the murderdolls and has been in numerous bands since (He now plays bass for Joan Jett!) and he just seems like a really awesome guy. Not to sound like a mom but I think he's a good role model too, not only is he a rockstar BUT he used to do drugs and drink and all the rock star stuff but he's been sober (even from alcohol) for at LEAST 12 years now and even kind of councils recovering drug addicts in his spare time! Talk about an awesome guy!!! -His band that I just got started listening to is called Acey Slade and the Dark Party and I recommend the song Sugarcum, but I have not listened to the whole cd just yet so their maybe better tracks. (if there is it'll be one great album!)
 -Marilyn Manson- I'm not gonna lie so far I've only listened to his super popular songs (The Beautiful People, Sweet Dreams) you got the picture so I can't call myself a diehard fan but I've read like all the interviews I could get my hands on...I have this strange thing where I just want to know about people, who they are, where they're coming from, what they stand for, I'm a music trivia crazy too (from reading tons of interviews lol) but MM leads me to the next obsession.
 -Jeordie White- He's also know as Twiggy in Marilyn Manson, he's the bassist but it's his side project thats  really interesting. It's called Goon Moon and the song I highly recommend is Apple Pie. it's interesting but one thing I've noticed about the cd "Lickers Last Leg" is NO two songs sound a like in ANYWAY, so if you like the song apple pie, it's the only song like it, it's a very unique album for sure. 
 and last but not least is...
 -Glenn Danzig- He was in the Misfits and is in Danzig (and was in another band I just can't think of right now) Danzig is famous for the song "Mother" which I have to say is one of my fave songs of all time, I also love the song "Tired of Being Alive" I've had depression problems and that song is just how I feel sometimes and just listening to that song, I wouldn't say it calms me down but just his voice takes me to another planet I swear. His voice is a combination of Jim Morrison (The Doors), Elvis Presley like and a little bit of Ozzy Osborne but in the Black Sabbath days, mixed with an ornery cry/moan/scream. and his voice is very deep (hence JM and EP) I mean his voice is a treasure you simply have to hear to believe. I mean you may not agree so I'm sorry if I mislead you but I just think it should be like the 8th wonder of the world :D I don't want to waste your money suggesting these songs so if you want to buy them listen to them on youtube first because I like worship this mans voice but you may not feel the same, well even with everything I recommmend I highly recommend you sample it first. (If you buy your music, I know a lot who don't but I do so when I buy a bad song I tend to be a little pissy...)
  Alright well that was LONG so if you didn't jump ship on me thank you for reading my dears and keep rockin'!

 Much Peace and Love,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Weekend...

Well, on Friday it's more COMMUNITY YARDSALES!!!! :D lol I'm pretty pumped as you can tell and on Saturday I'm going to the mall and such with ym momma :) Soooo what are you doing this weekend?

 On a side note- Americanna thank you for speaking up as you can see I changed my fonts and it's no problem! Glad to have a new follower! BUT I kept trying to respond to you in the comment section but blog spot won't let me >:( So I just made a new post! Thank you and welcome! and on another side note...i forget how I chaged the comment font...so I'm gonna keep playing around with that one...if you know how please comment lol I'm not really great with computers... so it's only fitting I have a blog right? ;) haha

Much peace and Love,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Would it be out of line....

Of all people I understand what it's like to be that fat kid, the chubby kid, the plus sized kid, the geez stop eating kid kid so if you don't get the point I know and understand just how hard it is to be overweight. It's easy to get there but changing it isn't the easiest thing to do and hell it'll be one of the most easiest choices to make but the hardest to follow through with, as in losing it. So I get very and I mean VERY sad when I see little kids that are obese already because it reminds me of myself and gets me thinking... today I was at the dollar store to score a good deal (of course) and I saw a kinda overweight mother and an obese child that I heard her mom saying she's not even in kindergarden and my guestiment is she weighed about 100 pounds. Her mom was buying a couple cases of pop and it breaks my heart every time I think of how IF my parents would have stopped me and not bought that bag of chips and not let me eat all this and all that and drink any and all pop I wanted I wouldn't be where I am now and everywhere I've been because of this. Now I don't want to blame my parents at all for my mess because it's just been our lifestyle for years and they probably thought feeding my increasing appitite would make me happy if I ate that whole half a bag of chips at once and then ate somthing else (I've always ate with my emotions) but anyway you just think thats whats best for your child because it will make them happy. I'm all for making your kids happy but PLEASE do it with a toy and hand the kids as many apples as they want because that happiness will end at the bottom of the chip bag I promise. I've been through mental hell with being overweight, my self confidence is a zero, I can't look people in the eye, every one is better than me and I believed it...just because I'm fat. I've also went through severe depression which I'm STILL trying to kick...I've been suicidal, misreable and just downright nasty to myself just because I'm fat. So I know it would be out of line to say anything but I would love for these parents to please hear my story and I'd love to tell them PLEASE stop your kids while they are young, before they get picked on and before the pick on themselves...but it would be completely out of line.

Friday, July 15, 2011


My LUSH order finally arrived today to make Friday even sweeter (and saturdays community yardsales!) and I have to tell you about it. I bought None of Your Beeswax vegan lip balm, It started with a tint lip stain and Sweet Lips lip scrub (Chocolate Vanilla). It was my first LUSH purchase and I have to say... I LOVE IT ALL! I used the lip scrub and my lips are already softer to the touch! THEN I put some None of your beeswax on and I love it! It's not sticky or gross feeling it's just perfect! I like the lip tint, it's interesting...the smell is rose mixed with somthing else...it's pretty good but you have to get used to it kind of but overall I give it 4.5 stars, I like the color :) I give everything else 5 stars for sure! Then to my surprise I kept unwrapping the packaging to find two soap samples! In Queen of Hearts and Temptation, I've yet to try them but the surprise samples made up for my slow shipping...I thought it would come a week ago but it took it's good old time getting here, by 14 days they mean 14. But anyways I love it all and the stuff will LAST for a LONG time! Which is awesome! To conclude it congrats Grace for winning my KORRES givaway...(who else would have won lol) so shoot my an email lady at ashleyc1995@gmail.com with your shipping info and I will send it out asap!

 Much Peace and Love,

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yes you read that right! It's Korres Body Butter Guava from Sephorea and I want to give one of you one!  (I bought it, I'm not tied in with the company at all....)
All you have to do is....
 For one chance Follow my blog
 For one more chance tweet about it or facebook it!
Post in the comments what you did!

 Good luck, I love this stuff AND if I get 10 followers I'll have another givaway in the near future ;)

Much Peace and Love,


Swagbucks is a wonderful little search site that you've got to know about. You win swagbucks for searching random things on the net and for answering daily polls. Once you get 450 swagbucks you can trade them for a $5 amazon gift card! And theirs plenty other prizes but my two faves are the amazon cards (Hey I've gotten free used cd's with those!) and their musicians prints which are really good photographs of musicians singing or playing, depending on how popular they are the more swag you need ;) I have the Hinder one and just ordered the Shinedown one :) Next? SLASH!!!! lol then I might get the AFI one or get another gift card. But the searches are a little biased so I normally just blog hop on it or go to sites where I know it's the right one. Well have fun and please check this out it's really a great site =)

Much Peace and Love

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grace's givaway!

Grace over at Grace and Beauty has yet ANOTHER givaway, MAC, Mark. and now victoria secret! What else can a girl ask for???? I love her blog and she's the person who told me how to start a blog so I think she's awesome (and introduced me to Lush, thanks soooooo much!) http://www.grace-and-beauty.com/ I'll have to have my own givaway, I might get some followers ;) I'm thinking maybe Noya Nail polish or somthing Lush or sephorea but who knows!

Kay well much peace and love and good luck,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Motley freaking crue!

Oh yeah later this month I'm going to my first concert! No better way to kick it off then with the New York Dolls, Poison and MOTLEY CRUE!!!!! It's gonna get crazy!!!! And in September I'm probably going to see the Foo Fighters! Sweet! Talk about awesome! Since I said this blog would be about music too I will have my top 10 albums you must have up soon!

Much peace and love,

Purses Purses Purses!

I don't know about you but I love my purses! Right now I'm carrying a black back pack purse which I carry soooo much junk in it's crazy! I'm like a mini mommy, I have afterbite, band aids, pads, hair ties, lip gloss, wallet (which of course is dry =( lol) and my coupons ;) and keys and sometimes my metal water bottle! I mean I LOVE big purses and I think you know why =) Whats in your purse? Anyway my friend was making fun of me being frugal but I don't mind because guess who just made a pretty big deposit in her savings account (here I come car!!!) and still got her shopping fixes in? Also I was telling her how my grandma yells ASHLEY PURSES! at each yardsale we frequent every so often and she said what do you need purses for? Oh my female asking female that question???? Get real we all need purses! and at cheap prices even better. Anyways I made those awesome "fashion feathers" from peta and they turned out GREAT give them a try they are not hard at all and you can get the ribbon for a dollar or so and use a nail polish you have and it's awesome! Creulty free and cheap and cute! Does it get much better? Oh and I'm getting my nose piereced today and I'm a little nervous but excited too!

Alright well much peace and love,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trendy DIY Feathers

Who hasn't heard of those cute little feathers in everyone's hair??? Who knew they were from real roosters??????? I didn't know that until I was browsing on Petas site. Here's the link so you can make your own for sooooooo much cheaper and better for the roosters :) win win! http://blog.peta2.com/2011/06/diy-cruelty-free-hair-feathers.html?c=923fs Alrighty then have a nice day everybody! :)

Much peace and love

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello blog world!

If anyone reads this I have a secret....this is my first blog...and post! I'm still trying to figure out how this works but until I do I will just play around with it so my blog could look different everyday! I never know! lol But let me tell you who I am! I'm sure you're wondering....lol Well my names Ashley and I'm in 10th grade and I go to a cyber school, which I have to say is quite nice and I love music. I love rock music anything from the Beatles to Nirvana to Guns n' Roses to Florence and the Machine! I love it all, yet I'm still prone to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lady GaGa. So I kinda love everything. I also love expirimenting with make-up and just having fun with it, thats what counts as far as I'm concerned. And for how cheap I can get it! Yes I'm a closet couponer! I'm such a nerd lol but I get beauty products for almost free so I can't just stop! I can't remember the last time I paid full price for any make-up. Oh yeah, last week that $17 dollar lip balm from Bobbie Brown but hey, I had a free shipping code and it came with samples so it's justified, right? lol And I coupon on other stuff so I can buy that kinda stuff and not feel bad haha (I'm saving for a car but I love to shop so I make a game of it with coupons, It's a fun game that fills that little void in my heart that only a shopping bag full of cosmetics can fill) but you understand right? lol Oh yeah, I'm trying to lose A LOT of weight (i can't stand it anymore...) so I'm doing somthing I've always wanted to do...go vegetarian! Now I'm not gonna be one of the stuck up ones that "are better than you" I just want to get healthy and show my love for animals and weightloss is a good enough incentive to go all the way with it. Yes, I also exercise too but it's not enough for me anyways so go veggies! I also figured a blog would keep me motivated to stick with it now that if I get any followers they can hold me to it. I can't wait to have before and after pictures!!!!! Kay I know this was too long but have a nice day everyone! :-)