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Monday, July 18, 2011

Would it be out of line....

Of all people I understand what it's like to be that fat kid, the chubby kid, the plus sized kid, the geez stop eating kid kid so if you don't get the point I know and understand just how hard it is to be overweight. It's easy to get there but changing it isn't the easiest thing to do and hell it'll be one of the most easiest choices to make but the hardest to follow through with, as in losing it. So I get very and I mean VERY sad when I see little kids that are obese already because it reminds me of myself and gets me thinking... today I was at the dollar store to score a good deal (of course) and I saw a kinda overweight mother and an obese child that I heard her mom saying she's not even in kindergarden and my guestiment is she weighed about 100 pounds. Her mom was buying a couple cases of pop and it breaks my heart every time I think of how IF my parents would have stopped me and not bought that bag of chips and not let me eat all this and all that and drink any and all pop I wanted I wouldn't be where I am now and everywhere I've been because of this. Now I don't want to blame my parents at all for my mess because it's just been our lifestyle for years and they probably thought feeding my increasing appitite would make me happy if I ate that whole half a bag of chips at once and then ate somthing else (I've always ate with my emotions) but anyway you just think thats whats best for your child because it will make them happy. I'm all for making your kids happy but PLEASE do it with a toy and hand the kids as many apples as they want because that happiness will end at the bottom of the chip bag I promise. I've been through mental hell with being overweight, my self confidence is a zero, I can't look people in the eye, every one is better than me and I believed it...just because I'm fat. I've also went through severe depression which I'm STILL trying to kick...I've been suicidal, misreable and just downright nasty to myself just because I'm fat. So I know it would be out of line to say anything but I would love for these parents to please hear my story and I'd love to tell them PLEASE stop your kids while they are young, before they get picked on and before the pick on themselves...but it would be completely out of line.

Friday, July 15, 2011


My LUSH order finally arrived today to make Friday even sweeter (and saturdays community yardsales!) and I have to tell you about it. I bought None of Your Beeswax vegan lip balm, It started with a tint lip stain and Sweet Lips lip scrub (Chocolate Vanilla). It was my first LUSH purchase and I have to say... I LOVE IT ALL! I used the lip scrub and my lips are already softer to the touch! THEN I put some None of your beeswax on and I love it! It's not sticky or gross feeling it's just perfect! I like the lip tint, it's interesting...the smell is rose mixed with somthing else...it's pretty good but you have to get used to it kind of but overall I give it 4.5 stars, I like the color :) I give everything else 5 stars for sure! Then to my surprise I kept unwrapping the packaging to find two soap samples! In Queen of Hearts and Temptation, I've yet to try them but the surprise samples made up for my slow shipping...I thought it would come a week ago but it took it's good old time getting here, by 14 days they mean 14. But anyways I love it all and the stuff will LAST for a LONG time! Which is awesome! To conclude it congrats Grace for winning my KORRES givaway...(who else would have won lol) so shoot my an email lady at ashleyc1995@gmail.com with your shipping info and I will send it out asap!

 Much Peace and Love,

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yes you read that right! It's Korres Body Butter Guava from Sephorea and I want to give one of you one!  (I bought it, I'm not tied in with the company at all....)
All you have to do is....
 For one chance Follow my blog
 For one more chance tweet about it or facebook it!
Post in the comments what you did!

 Good luck, I love this stuff AND if I get 10 followers I'll have another givaway in the near future ;)

Much Peace and Love,


Swagbucks is a wonderful little search site that you've got to know about. You win swagbucks for searching random things on the net and for answering daily polls. Once you get 450 swagbucks you can trade them for a $5 amazon gift card! And theirs plenty other prizes but my two faves are the amazon cards (Hey I've gotten free used cd's with those!) and their musicians prints which are really good photographs of musicians singing or playing, depending on how popular they are the more swag you need ;) I have the Hinder one and just ordered the Shinedown one :) Next? SLASH!!!! lol then I might get the AFI one or get another gift card. But the searches are a little biased so I normally just blog hop on it or go to sites where I know it's the right one. Well have fun and please check this out it's really a great site =)

Much Peace and Love

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grace's givaway!

Grace over at Grace and Beauty has yet ANOTHER givaway, MAC, Mark. and now victoria secret! What else can a girl ask for???? I love her blog and she's the person who told me how to start a blog so I think she's awesome (and introduced me to Lush, thanks soooooo much!) http://www.grace-and-beauty.com/ I'll have to have my own givaway, I might get some followers ;) I'm thinking maybe Noya Nail polish or somthing Lush or sephorea but who knows!

Kay well much peace and love and good luck,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Motley freaking crue!

Oh yeah later this month I'm going to my first concert! No better way to kick it off then with the New York Dolls, Poison and MOTLEY CRUE!!!!! It's gonna get crazy!!!! And in September I'm probably going to see the Foo Fighters! Sweet! Talk about awesome! Since I said this blog would be about music too I will have my top 10 albums you must have up soon!

Much peace and love,

Purses Purses Purses!

I don't know about you but I love my purses! Right now I'm carrying a black back pack purse which I carry soooo much junk in it's crazy! I'm like a mini mommy, I have afterbite, band aids, pads, hair ties, lip gloss, wallet (which of course is dry =( lol) and my coupons ;) and keys and sometimes my metal water bottle! I mean I LOVE big purses and I think you know why =) Whats in your purse? Anyway my friend was making fun of me being frugal but I don't mind because guess who just made a pretty big deposit in her savings account (here I come car!!!) and still got her shopping fixes in? Also I was telling her how my grandma yells ASHLEY PURSES! at each yardsale we frequent every so often and she said what do you need purses for? Oh my female asking female that question???? Get real we all need purses! and at cheap prices even better. Anyways I made those awesome "fashion feathers" from peta and they turned out GREAT give them a try they are not hard at all and you can get the ribbon for a dollar or so and use a nail polish you have and it's awesome! Creulty free and cheap and cute! Does it get much better? Oh and I'm getting my nose piereced today and I'm a little nervous but excited too!

Alright well much peace and love,