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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exteme Couponing...What You Don't See...Is What Matters...

When you tune into TLC for your weekly dose of "reality" television, on Wednesday nights you might be watching extreme couponing. (I know I am!) As much as I like to watch extreme couponing (when I remember) I like to bitch about it about the same amount. I started couponing about two months before this untameable frenzy began (so I seem like another casualty, because I'm young, and you know young people get all their ideas from TV right? haha) But I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of things, I know all my stores coupons policies, I know the cycles fairly well, and I have a nice little stock pile built up. But another thing I've noticed is I've also set up (to what seems like to most people) rediculous standards. I won't pay more than 50 cents for: Shampoo, Conditioner, toothpaste (If I don't get "paid" to take it, between store coupons, rewards, and manufaturers coupons.) Now I don't want to say I won't because if I had to, I would, but as long as I don't have to, you're damn sure I won't! And I won't pay for (theirs that won't again...) random things like nail clippers, ememry boards, nail polish, and as you've probably learnt already, I barely pay for make-up (that's what started my coupon craziness lol). But I do tend to pay more for face wash (about $1.50-$2.00 oh no, right? haha) Anyway back to my TV show explanation.
What you don't see:
-The price of the coupons (between couponing services and papers, it will add up, although they do pay for themselves)
- The breaking/hurt relationships (One woman and her husband fight constantly about space and he said they don't need more "crap" and she said why not?)
-No space/space invasion (Yes, you see this but when you're buying wayyyy faster than using, you will naturally have less and less room, do there kids like having paper towels ect stacked in their closets, under their beds?)
-The disgust ("Normal" couponers always have mean things to say if you buy in major quantities, I only have nasty words if you're a shelf clearer and proud of it (or it's one of the 7 days of the week haha)
--------------That rants done....
 BUT I do agree with all of the extreme couponers on one subject, EVERYONE SHOULD COUPON! If done properly you can save A LOT of money and maybe live a better, less stressful life (worrying about money that is) I used to be sooooo worried, I wasn't saving money, then I started useing coupons and I'm getting what I need and then some! And I'm saving money like you wouldn't believe! And I honestly think if I were to move out tommorrow, I would have the means and skills to take care of myself and then some, no matter what kind of job I could get (as long as rent isn't rediculous! as theirs no coupons for that) So there is a very good side to couponing (if done correctly)
- The money saved! (enough said!)
-The fact you can live off a stockpile
-You get to buy and try the newest, best products (Thats what the new adds say right?! :) I love trying new things
-------Their is well...I don't want to say bad side but...I guess it depends if your glass is half full or empty.
-There is NOT a coupon for everything! If you eat meat, I've yet to see a coupon for it. Fruits and veggies? Well their is occasional coupons for them but all online or instore (very rare) Tofu? YES! lol I just had to add that because, I think it was the redplum,maybe it was smartsource...hmmmm...anyway it was in last sundays paper but they had tofu coupons in them. (YAY!)
Well...thats about it on the potentially negative, but I'm happy about any savings!

I have to wine like everyone else about how the "extreme" couponers are ruining it for the rest of us. The limits on coupon usage (4 in one transaction normally). The bitchiness we all get, but what pisses me off is...the companies who put out coupons, don't HAVE to so if they only want 4 used in one transaction, then just use 4! If they want it used on this size of somthing, or this item, that's what you use said coupon for. But what makes me upset is the people who do abide by the 4 in one transaction rule make 30 some transactions!? With 4 in each! I mean come on now, I understand MAYBE doing 2 transactions but 20-30 some? Seriously? I mean, it's just a matter of time before that rule gets changed too. Coupon values have also dropped BUT I won't bitch about that because it's the companies choice what to put on each one and if they are being taken advantage of, I wouldn't put out high value coupons either. But great coupons still do come out though :)

To end this extremely longgggg post I will leave you with the hands down BEST couponing website I've ever seen, I give this website to anyone who asks (or doesn't lol). I highly respect the woman who runs this blog (her name is Collin) she has taught me just about everything I know about coupons and couponing "morals" you could say (don't shelf clear, use coupons correctly, know and abide by the store policies ect.) Drumroll please! ........... this GREAT site is called hip2save I've followed he site long enough to know she posts the drugstore deals every saturday afternoon or evening, she posts probably 30 different posts a day (online deals, coupons, freebies ect) a target deal post sunday evening and a wal-mart one I think Monday. So PLEASE check out her site, it is hands down the best! It will change your finacial life!

Okay, enough that was long, but make sure you check. that. site. out. NOW! :)
Much Peace and Love,


  1. Oh Ashley, I haven't been on your website in a while, but this post just caught my eye. I discovered coupons last year and I love it. Yes, it can be stressful at times, yes cashiers might give you a hard time, yes, it doesn't always work like you plan it, but it's still so much fun and rewarding. When I started reading, I was about to recommend you my favorite website, but I finished reading and realized it's the same on you love - Hip2Save. It is by far the best website. If you need a coupon buddy to swap coupons, let me know ;)

  2. :) I totally agree, they kinda drive me crazy, I mean 400 paper towel rolls?! Seriously? LOL But I love couponing too, it is VERY rewarding and I totally adore hip2save! Thanks for the offer too btw :) if you want to give me your email address so I can get a hold of you it would be nice :) mine is