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Monday, October 31, 2011

Corey Taylor's Seven Deadly Sins Book Review

This is my first book review on my blog! (better yet it's the first book I've finished in a while) I get bored with most books and hop between chapters and this and that...I think the last book I finished was Steven Adlers Apettite for sex, drugs, and guns n' roses...and that was over the summer! (whoops) So anyways Happy Halloween!!! It's my favorite holiday by far, theres just such a warm feeling I get for fall and halloween, well it's a little depressing it's about 30 mins from being over! BUT back to the review:
 The books full title is The Seven Deadly Sins, Setteling the argue between born bad and damnaged goods (I might be a word or two off, my brothers girlfriend borrowed it, so I'm not looking at it right now.) Long story short I loved the book! I honestly wished it was longer...I realized we have a lot of the same views, but he can explain them a lot better than I could, but I agreed with just about everything he said. What did he say? Well, basically how the seven deadly sins are just, well out dated and in my opinion, it's very true. He broke each one down and explained how the "sin" is not deadly, character flaw? Maybe, but deadly? No. He also explained how there is really no reason to sweat the small stuff no you're not going to hell for not folding the clothes before they wrinkle, ya damn sloth! And like all autobiographies he mixed life stories in with explaining the sins and how he knows them well. I had no clue about his childhood until I read this book, and I have to say...it was the most disturbing part of the book, I had no idea he was abused, neglected, and even sexually assulted. BUT how he says he wouldn't be where he is today if he didn't grow from all of that is truely inspiring, how he excepts everything and copes with everything makes him seem (to me) admirable. I really liked this book and give it...probably a...get your ass to the store and buy it! rating :) So probably 4.5 to 5 (on a 5 point scale!)

Alright loves, get reading, and rocking, with much peace and love,
 Ashley (do I make any sense?) :)

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