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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A couple rite aid deals this week and some good news :-)

First off good news, in the past 2 weeks I'm down 5 pounds! :-D Woot! Anyway if you've been blessed with bad sinesus (I can't spell) like me all year round you'll be happy to hear at rite aid this week there are some great deals to be had on cough drops, (and hair stylers!) Soooooo here ya go dears

Buy 2 ludens 25-30 count cough drops (on sale 97 cents)
use the $1/2 coupon
2 bags for 97 cents! (Not too bad at all!)

Buy 2 Halls 30 count cough drops (97 cents each)
use the $1/2 coupon (I think it's avail on line also, smartsource I think)
2 bags for 97 cents!

Got2b Hair stylers on sale for $3.99
Use the $3 off coupon from this coming weeks inserts
99 cents each! (anyone know this brand or tried it? Do you reccomend?)

Okay while trying to lose weight gum becomes your bff (especially if you like to eat while bored) so their a pretty good deal on stride gum this week :-) Here it is...
Buy 3 packs for $3
use $1/3 coupon from this coming weeks paper
get back $1 up reward
Final cost is $1 for 3 packs (33 cents each!) Not bad :)

-By the way I see I have new followers!! Hi everyone :D Maybe I'm just nosey (alright I am) but do you wanna tell me a little bit about yourselves? (Fave books, bands, hobbies or whatever!) You don't have to but I like meeting people :-)

Much peace and love,

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