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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I have a confession to make...

Although I call myself a hippie...I must say... in my music tastes I am not. Well yeah I listen to The Beatles and The Doors but I mean who doesn't? But with my habits, I guess you could say, I could be considered a hippie. I'm a peace freak, equality nut, animal activist, and I try to be a green guru (it's a work in process, my mom makes fun of me all the time lol she says "you just prefur to use that because it's organic or green or whatever" I love her but sometimes ignorance is a pain in the ass, it's not always "bliss" ;) BUT back to music tastes, which I will admit are kind of strange and I'll be honest... I don't fit in with the hippies (and or stoners...drugs are a no go for me! I can't stand people who call themselves hippies because they smoke pot and buy a peace sign shirt from an odd smelling store... hahaha) and I definatly don't fit in with the goth kids, the emo kids, or the metal heads...I don't have the look and don't really want it...or need it. I don't really feel the need to fit in which I'm thankful for, I mean who doesn't want to fit in, sure I'd LOVE to find like minded people but I don't need a check list for "who I'm supposed to be" to hang out with this person or that crowd... I mean it shouldn't matter if I look like hot topic just ate me and spit me out into the picture perfect emo kid, with the black jeans and the invador zim hoodie and a pickachu back pack. Now not to knock anyone or degrade anyone I mean personally I kind of like the emo goth kid style but I couldn't pull it off myself and I just don't care too, but then again I guess I can't describe myself as fashion crazed either...in all honesty if I like it and it fits I wear it...I don't need 50 different peices of jewelry and this and that to "make an outfit." Fashion wise I guess you could call me a grunger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grunge music. Kurt Cobain is one of my, if not my top idol (for like years now...) and I adore Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam is probably my fave band of all time. He's probably half the reason I decided to become vegetarian, and a green nut ect. But I also LOVE 80's hair metal bands as in Guns n' Roses and Motley Crue. But I must say I'd have to pick GNR over motley, I am probably one of Izzy Stradlin's biggest fans! He just seems like such an AWESOME guy and very down to earth too, and of course I think Axl Rose is also amazing :) I like the rest of the band but those two just happen to be my faves. My fave from Motley is their guitarist Mick Mars. I think he's one of the most underrated guitarists of all time! And he seems super down to earth. But anyway onto my more CURRENT music obsessions/ new discoveries is...
 -The Murderdolls- Joey Jordisons side project from Slipknot with Wednesday13 and a few other people (it changes quite often...nothings set in stone I think) but anyway the lyrics on the newer album Women and Children Last and Revenge was the Main Course are little gorey but it's kind or jokey at the same time...I mean it's really not to be taken seriously but the guitar solos are AWESOME! They are hands down my faveorite part of the album. Which leads me to the next music obsession...
 -Acey Slade- He was in the origional line up of the murderdolls and has been in numerous bands since (He now plays bass for Joan Jett!) and he just seems like a really awesome guy. Not to sound like a mom but I think he's a good role model too, not only is he a rockstar BUT he used to do drugs and drink and all the rock star stuff but he's been sober (even from alcohol) for at LEAST 12 years now and even kind of councils recovering drug addicts in his spare time! Talk about an awesome guy!!! -His band that I just got started listening to is called Acey Slade and the Dark Party and I recommend the song Sugarcum, but I have not listened to the whole cd just yet so their maybe better tracks. (if there is it'll be one great album!)
 -Marilyn Manson- I'm not gonna lie so far I've only listened to his super popular songs (The Beautiful People, Sweet Dreams) you got the picture so I can't call myself a diehard fan but I've read like all the interviews I could get my hands on...I have this strange thing where I just want to know about people, who they are, where they're coming from, what they stand for, I'm a music trivia crazy too (from reading tons of interviews lol) but MM leads me to the next obsession.
 -Jeordie White- He's also know as Twiggy in Marilyn Manson, he's the bassist but it's his side project thats  really interesting. It's called Goon Moon and the song I highly recommend is Apple Pie. it's interesting but one thing I've noticed about the cd "Lickers Last Leg" is NO two songs sound a like in ANYWAY, so if you like the song apple pie, it's the only song like it, it's a very unique album for sure. 
 and last but not least is...
 -Glenn Danzig- He was in the Misfits and is in Danzig (and was in another band I just can't think of right now) Danzig is famous for the song "Mother" which I have to say is one of my fave songs of all time, I also love the song "Tired of Being Alive" I've had depression problems and that song is just how I feel sometimes and just listening to that song, I wouldn't say it calms me down but just his voice takes me to another planet I swear. His voice is a combination of Jim Morrison (The Doors), Elvis Presley like and a little bit of Ozzy Osborne but in the Black Sabbath days, mixed with an ornery cry/moan/scream. and his voice is very deep (hence JM and EP) I mean his voice is a treasure you simply have to hear to believe. I mean you may not agree so I'm sorry if I mislead you but I just think it should be like the 8th wonder of the world :D I don't want to waste your money suggesting these songs so if you want to buy them listen to them on youtube first because I like worship this mans voice but you may not feel the same, well even with everything I recommmend I highly recommend you sample it first. (If you buy your music, I know a lot who don't but I do so when I buy a bad song I tend to be a little pissy...)
  Alright well that was LONG so if you didn't jump ship on me thank you for reading my dears and keep rockin'!

 Much Peace and Love,

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