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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Starfish Project!

HEY! YOU! yes you! go check out the starfish project as soon as you possibly can! They have super pretty and unique jewelery with a unique story behind it. I don't think these guys get enough press but it is such a good organization that I just think you need to know about it. The people at the starfish project set this up to help abused and extorted women in Asia get out of that life style and provide for them while they get the proper education they need for the careers they desire so they don't fall back into it. They also provide theropy and anything else these women need. I think it's a great thing these people are doing to rehabilitate people who get pushed into the sex/people traficing industry. These people are there to show these women that somebody cares and this is how you can show them you care. So do me a huge favor and at least browse through it because something will catch your eyes! I currently have my eyes set on a nice pair of earrings in the clearence section...lookie here :)

Alrighty dears! Much peace and love,

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