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Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Weekend...

Well, on Friday it's more COMMUNITY YARDSALES!!!! :D lol I'm pretty pumped as you can tell and on Saturday I'm going to the mall and such with ym momma :) Soooo what are you doing this weekend?

 On a side note- Americanna thank you for speaking up as you can see I changed my fonts and it's no problem! Glad to have a new follower! BUT I kept trying to respond to you in the comment section but blog spot won't let me >:( So I just made a new post! Thank you and welcome! and on another side note...i forget how I chaged the comment font...so I'm gonna keep playing around with that one...if you know how please comment lol I'm not really great with computers... so it's only fitting I have a blog right? ;) haha

Much peace and Love,


  1. Hi! I am so happy you took my advice :) Im not sure how to change the comment fonts, but if I figure it out I will let you know.

    I noticed you love purses! I am in the process of getting rid of some of my stuff and I might have an extra purse or 2 that don't use anymore. Let me know if you're interested in offering them a new home :) (p.s. they're free)

  2. aw thats really nice of you to offer them dear :) but I'm gonna have to decline your kind offer, trust me I don't NEED anymore lol I'm in the process of having a late yardsale and getting rid of some of mine too, maybe you could have a yardsale or donate them to goodwill or give to another friend :) but thank you for thinking of me! I feel special :)