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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's been a while...

since I've been on here :'( Sorry for the lack of postage but like everyone else my school's started up again and I need to get to work! Anywho I'm also really sick :( I have broncitus (sp?) and an ear infection and a blown out ear drum. I swear I just woke up with this overnight! Let me tell you, it really blows. But anyway I'm moving to the basement of my house (and I'll HAVE to show you my new vanity!!!!!!!!!!!!) I got it at a yardsale for $2.50 and all it needed was some tlc :) I painted it black and my uncle reupolstered the chair for me (it's brown fabric with big cute polka dots on it!) So after the paint and fabric I spent about $25 on it. Not too shabby at all! (And it was saved from a landfil!) I will have pics up eventually (Having major problems, blogger tells me the pics are too big? Grrrrrrrrr I don't know how to fix it yet but I will! haha) I went to a fun sweet 16 party like 2 weeks ago and had A LOT of fun! I go to cyber school so it was cool seeing all my old friends :) But I have more crappy news :( I'm gonna really get my exercise on because I've been slacking off big time and I know I gained weight back :( So and now I have gym class so that will help because I log everything and I've just been quite depressed lately (Long story). And I've been a cheating veggie :( So I need to work on that, and I've just notice these past couple weeks I've just been hungry all the time :( I'm a very emotional eater. So that doesn't help much. And just thinking how I'm still behind in school (I went through a longgggg bout of depression and fell very behind all last year...I'm almost done with last year and then I'll start this years classes (yippie...) I've just grown to hate school :( It's a shame I used to kinda like/love it but now I have a hate/love relationship with it. But I think the virtual classes I have for 10th grade really help me kinda get my love for learning back...if thats how I want to word it haha. I have math class at 12 and french at 1. I like cyber school, don't get me wrong but I'm getting REALLY pissed about all my technical dificulties. So far my sound hasn't worked, it wouldn't let me log in AND one of the websites won't let me load a document I had to submit for french class for a free 10 points (that I will more than likely need) so I got screwed out of that pretty well. And you know the worst part? I've probably only had 5 classes this year! Or is it 4? Yeah tommorow it will make 5, and I've already had all these probs!? I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that parts not too bad but I should have chosen Tuesdays and Thursdays, I mean what idiot wants classes on fridays??? Haha oh boy well as I said I'm sick and feel like hell so I'm gonna get a shower and crawl in bed. :) Goodnight.

Much Peace and Love,

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