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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Three Are FREE!

What do you think??? Better yet do you know what I'm talking about?!?! But this VERY happy post (for me at least) The West Memphis Three have probably been free for a week now (sorry I'm late) but I knew since it happened but I've felt pretty crappy lately so I didn't get on to post. Anyway back to them. Three teens about 18 years ago (Damien Echols was 18, Jason Baldwin, 16 and Jessie Misskelly Jr. was 17) got screwed by the justice system because they were basically hell raisers and rockers. I'm going to be 16 on October 6th so hearing their story actually scares me because in my head it was kinda like I could be them. I'm a publically giant rocker, everyone who knows me also knows my infamous Nirvana t-shirt ;) (I've literally worn that poor thing out!) But I think I look great in it (holes and all) and at school (before I left for online school) a teacher actually told me that shirt was just "so me". That makes me a little too happy haha ;) hehehehe but anyway these boys/men/teens (you know what stage they were in lol) got finger pointed at them and shoved down their throats. They've been raped by the system as far as I'm concerned. But theirs more tragedy yet to be heard, three little 8 year old boys were murdered in such a terrible manor that they blamed it on like a satanic cult ritual thing you could say...but heres the kicker...their was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING at the crime scene that pointed to them, no DNA no nothing. In fact the DNA supposedly points to someone else, I've heard it's one of the poor kiddos step fathers but trust me I'm not sure so don't hold me to anything, because he may be innocent too, you know what I like to say? Innocent until framed, well or guilty until framed... Oh and thats not all. I don't think that the state will admit to their mistakes because I guess (I've just read this somewhere...I don't remember where) but they set up some situation where these three men can not sue the state for all those wasted years behind bars, so in my opinion thats just like kicking dirt in their faces. They maybe alright with it (damn, they just wanted freedom) but what really pisses me off (that I just learnt today) was that Damien has a son, whos about my age and think of all the lost time with out his dad that he got screwed out of and Damien as well, he didn't get to watch his son grow up, I just think this whole case is a tragedy. BUT I'm just soooooooooo happy that these men got out of prison and are now FREE!!!!!!! So congrats DAHlings! (yes I call everyone that)

I'm gonna end this post with some lyrics to think about....  "War Is Peace and Freedom is the Police State" I was listening to this song sang by Anti-Flag (It's called welcome to 1984) and I didn't realize just how true it is... Alright well can I get your input on this long and potentially contoversal post? How about the lyrics? How about the case? Is what the state doing fair? Gahhhhh I'm sooooo happy for them! But on a sadder note I really hope that those three little boys can get some justice...

Much Peace and LOVE,

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