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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Rite Aid Covergirl Deal and a Secret CD...

Well, I had a rather GREAT trip to rite aid on Tuesday, I believe and Im'a tell you about it. :) I had 4 $8/2 coupons from covergirl. For face products so I ended up with 6 blushes and 2 concealers and 1 lip gloss. Here's the lowdown with their buy 1 get 1 50% off sale I had a hard time reaching $30 (before coupons) to get my $10 up reward so I ended up buying a lipgloss for about $5.50 for an extra (I did NOT use the face coupon for that, that would be coupon fraud and I don't like to screw companies over who are trying to help people get what they want/need for cheaper than retail) And I bought a Pert shampoo (glam huh?) haha because it was on sale for $3 and you get a $2 up reward back and I had a $1 off coupon to make it technically free! So after coupons and using a $2 up reward I paid $1.18 for ALL of that! And got $12 up rewards back!!! So I'm rolling that with deals starting tommorow that I will let you know about when I get to it lol BUT if you want to take advantage of the deals GO TO http://www.hip2save.com/  go ahead, leave my site and go their NOW PLEASE it's amazing, I promise. No spam no nothing just good deals to be had :) Anywho with my purchases of covergirl products got me 9 codes to redeem for Taylor Swift Merch. From past deals I got a guitar pick set and a braclet, but with this deal I got 90 points! and that goes far with this program, so I paid $1.18 and got: 1 Taylor Swift T-shirt, 1 Taylor Swift Poster, a Taylor Swift Keychain, a VERY cute guitar journal (and I keep journals with lyrics/my thoughts in them so SWEET!) and another Taylor Swift braclet to give to my moms co-workers daughter :) So I got all that stuff on top of the make-up and the up rewards back! And even though I am an avid rock fan, I own every Taylor Swift CD ever made :P lol I seriously do, the special versions, the platinum version (I can hear you laughing so STOP! lol) Now I can't lie that well, yes the special versions and the platinum editions I got at yardsales BUT I liked her before she was a superstar and got all the originals at walmart, full price O_o hahahahaha but I think she's awesome, and love that she does give her fans their moneys worth :)  Do you want to know what CD is the BEST KEPT SECRET AT WAL-MART??? Somewhere in the Stratosphere By Shinedown Their is NOTHING I love more than good rock songs turned into even better acoutic songs and live! Can you say this CD has it all!? I sure as hell can! It's awesome, I can listen to the whole CD on repeat for a whole damn day I swear! And it comes with a DVD of the show! SA-WEET (did I just type that?) yes I did, I love shinedown, I personally think they are one of the best, if not the best newer/ish rock band their is, they are just an awesome rockband. Thats all I can say, except well, BUY IT!!!

 Ah, well much Peace and Love,


  1. Hey Ashley, I don't always know that you see my responses to your comments on my blog, but I just wanted to make sure that you would see this one: I love all your comments and the time you take to read my blog posts, especially on the fake tan/loving your pale skin post. I think it's amazing that you go makeup-less two days a week, because really, makeup shouldn't be a necessity or something that we must put on everyday (I mean dang, us girls have enough to worry about on a daily basis). I loved your "about me" sentences you provided; wilma and yoda are the most adorable dog names I've ever heard. And most importantly, I think it's great that you're starting to be comfortable with who you are, I think that's the key to having a happy life and enjoying it with others. Plus, the fact that you used the phrase "I peaked in high school" makes you automatically awesome and amazing. God knows everyone who peaked in high school should probably stay there. I hated high school. ANYWAY. I'm rambling. Just wanted to quickly say that even through the couple of occasional sentences you leave as comments on my blog, I can tell you're an exceptional person!

  2. Thank you Grace! As you know I adore you and your blog and I'm very happy that you have grown comfortable with your natural skin tone and don't keep wasteing your time with fake tans to impress even faker people ;) I really appreciate your comment and I can tell you are a very exceptional person too! I almost feel like you're an older sister figure to me (I only have an older bro and well, he's no fun! lol) I hope college is going well for you and it's at least a little less stressful now!