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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm A Happy Camper :)

Well, I'm sitting in my cosy new room (the basement) and I've turned it into quite the awesome room! But anyway I'm sitting here listening to one of my fave bands, Saosin (Check them out!!) and ever since my computer crashed I had to fill my ipod back up but for the life of me I could not find my Stabbing Westward CD, which made me a rather sad person :( Well guess what! I FOUND IT! I'm putting it on my ipod right now (It's called Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel) I'm soooooo happy! I can't wait to listen to it!!!!! It's seriously one of my fave CD's you must check it out, I just, omfg I LOVE it. But the downer is, is it's Sunday night and its the beginning of yet ANOTHER busy week.. and I still have math homework to do :(...but at least Thursday is my birthday :D Sweet 16 baby! and I don't have classes on that day! But I have a Dr's appt. Great. haha And tommorrow I'm going to rite aid to score a sweet money maker on Covergirl cosmetics (after classes) , with those lovely $8 of 2 FACE products and they just so happen to have it on sale (buy one get on 50% off) and spend $30 get $10 up rewards (before coupons) , so after coupons it'll be a STEAL! And theirs some other deals on stuff I need, like on mouthwash or something (It's stupid and I forget lol) Have to check my list. Now all I can hope is the shelves are not cleared :(  And on my bday I'm going Sephoria shopping (Uh-Oh) and mall shopping with some sweet coupons from Bath and Body works and such. And Duff Mckagans (from guns n' roses) new book is coming out this week and I have a coupon for that! (15% off) And I'll be scoring all the bday freebies I can :) Seporia ALWAYS has awesome bday gifts for being a beauty club member (or whatever it is on their website) and it's FREE to join! It's a win, win! So this will be a fabulous week for retail theropy (and on the cheap!!!!) :)

 Well, as always, Much peace and love,

P.s haha on a side note while typing the tag label things I just had to laugh, Sephoria + Duff Mckagan + Covergirl + Stabbing Westward. Only me :)

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