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Friday, July 15, 2011


My LUSH order finally arrived today to make Friday even sweeter (and saturdays community yardsales!) and I have to tell you about it. I bought None of Your Beeswax vegan lip balm, It started with a tint lip stain and Sweet Lips lip scrub (Chocolate Vanilla). It was my first LUSH purchase and I have to say... I LOVE IT ALL! I used the lip scrub and my lips are already softer to the touch! THEN I put some None of your beeswax on and I love it! It's not sticky or gross feeling it's just perfect! I like the lip tint, it's interesting...the smell is rose mixed with somthing else...it's pretty good but you have to get used to it kind of but overall I give it 4.5 stars, I like the color :) I give everything else 5 stars for sure! Then to my surprise I kept unwrapping the packaging to find two soap samples! In Queen of Hearts and Temptation, I've yet to try them but the surprise samples made up for my slow shipping...I thought it would come a week ago but it took it's good old time getting here, by 14 days they mean 14. But anyways I love it all and the stuff will LAST for a LONG time! Which is awesome! To conclude it congrats Grace for winning my KORRES givaway...(who else would have won lol) so shoot my an email lady at ashleyc1995@gmail.com with your shipping info and I will send it out asap!

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  1. This blog looks really interesting and I would love to follow it and read it but your choice of fonts makes it impossible :( Trying to read one of your posts almost gave me a headache. Please dont take it as criticism. I would just love to be able to read everything, but its too hard for my eyes.