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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Purses Purses Purses!

I don't know about you but I love my purses! Right now I'm carrying a black back pack purse which I carry soooo much junk in it's crazy! I'm like a mini mommy, I have afterbite, band aids, pads, hair ties, lip gloss, wallet (which of course is dry =( lol) and my coupons ;) and keys and sometimes my metal water bottle! I mean I LOVE big purses and I think you know why =) Whats in your purse? Anyway my friend was making fun of me being frugal but I don't mind because guess who just made a pretty big deposit in her savings account (here I come car!!!) and still got her shopping fixes in? Also I was telling her how my grandma yells ASHLEY PURSES! at each yardsale we frequent every so often and she said what do you need purses for? Oh my female asking female that question???? Get real we all need purses! and at cheap prices even better. Anyways I made those awesome "fashion feathers" from peta and they turned out GREAT give them a try they are not hard at all and you can get the ribbon for a dollar or so and use a nail polish you have and it's awesome! Creulty free and cheap and cute! Does it get much better? Oh and I'm getting my nose piereced today and I'm a little nervous but excited too!

Alright well much peace and love,

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