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Monday, July 18, 2011

Would it be out of line....

Of all people I understand what it's like to be that fat kid, the chubby kid, the plus sized kid, the geez stop eating kid kid so if you don't get the point I know and understand just how hard it is to be overweight. It's easy to get there but changing it isn't the easiest thing to do and hell it'll be one of the most easiest choices to make but the hardest to follow through with, as in losing it. So I get very and I mean VERY sad when I see little kids that are obese already because it reminds me of myself and gets me thinking... today I was at the dollar store to score a good deal (of course) and I saw a kinda overweight mother and an obese child that I heard her mom saying she's not even in kindergarden and my guestiment is she weighed about 100 pounds. Her mom was buying a couple cases of pop and it breaks my heart every time I think of how IF my parents would have stopped me and not bought that bag of chips and not let me eat all this and all that and drink any and all pop I wanted I wouldn't be where I am now and everywhere I've been because of this. Now I don't want to blame my parents at all for my mess because it's just been our lifestyle for years and they probably thought feeding my increasing appitite would make me happy if I ate that whole half a bag of chips at once and then ate somthing else (I've always ate with my emotions) but anyway you just think thats whats best for your child because it will make them happy. I'm all for making your kids happy but PLEASE do it with a toy and hand the kids as many apples as they want because that happiness will end at the bottom of the chip bag I promise. I've been through mental hell with being overweight, my self confidence is a zero, I can't look people in the eye, every one is better than me and I believed it...just because I'm fat. I've also went through severe depression which I'm STILL trying to kick...I've been suicidal, misreable and just downright nasty to myself just because I'm fat. So I know it would be out of line to say anything but I would love for these parents to please hear my story and I'd love to tell them PLEASE stop your kids while they are young, before they get picked on and before the pick on themselves...but it would be completely out of line.

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